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A community like no other…

The Transformation Center was started 15+ years ago, and as of January 2022, is owned by its three full-time trainers, Brent Berger, Liz Grosspietsch, and Erin Tallard. Over the years, our community has grown while still maintaining a friendly, “everyone knows your name” atmosphere, thriving with energy and excitement for healthy living.

At the TC, all of our trainers and staff are passionate about helping our members LIVE their best lives. We encourage our members to assess where they currently are, develop a plan for where they want to be, and help them embrace the change and growth that comes with shifting their lives in a new direction. We do this by focusing on our three pillars of fitness, wellness, and community.

A place where people come to TRANSFORM

The Transformation Center IS NOT a big box gym, and we don’t pretend to be. Instead, what you’ll find is an inviting atmosphere where people (trainers, staff, AND members) get to know each other and genuinely care. It’s a place where people come to transform their fitness, mindset, nutrition, health and beliefs about what’s possible, all while being surrounded by a safe and supportive community of other people striving for the same thing. Our trainers are recognized as some the best in Madison and meet people where they are, regardless of whether you are just getting moving again or are a seasoned gym-goer.

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Community and People Come First.

We are the un gym. The place where community and people come first. The place where you never have to worry about what you wear, whether you know how to do the exercises, or what you look like– because we welcome all.

Our motto is “Come as you are.” And whether you’re a seasoned gym-rat or this is your very first time, we are proud to be your new home.

What makes us different?
We know that getting and staying healthy is not easy in this day and age. For that reason, we’ve built our programs with the whole you in mind based on our 3 Pillars of Success: Fitness, Wellness, & Community.

With all three of these pillars in place, you have a solid foundation on which to build a lifetime of healthy habits.

But if you are missing any one piece, you may find that you can make progress for awhile, only to slide backwards at some point.  We specialize in helping you put all of the pieces into place.

What We Provide Our Members

  • Fun and challenging workouts that are always different yet easily modified to any ability level.
  • Healthy and tasty recipes and meal plans to help you lose weight and improve your nutrition.
  • Workshops and events that help you discover and tap the power of your mind to make permanent changes in your daily habits, your nutrition, and your health.
  • An amazing and supportive community, complete with social events and a space to hang out and build relationships, that will keep you coming back.

We know that it can be hard and potentially intimidating to start this journey and to stick with it.  Especially if you’ve tried and failed before.

We’ve built our entire program around helping people like you to be successful.  And not just for the next 6 weeks or 6 months. We want you to succeed For Life.

Most of our clients have been with us for many years. Click here to read about some of their transformations!

Ready to Join Us and Reclaim Your Health?

Scroll down to view our our talented team members, discover your health, fitness and wellness goals, try us out for free, and to see if we are a good fit for you!

Meet Your Team

Brent Berger

Owner, Trainer, Joint Mobility Specialist

Something no-one knows about you: I have performed several wedding ceremonies for family and friends.

Favorite place to travel: Charleston, SC

Favorite exercise: Battle rope

Favorite TC memory: being welcomed for the first time as a trainer, as well as a guy with a PhD in Botany who could probably answer most plant-related question

Workout or exercise you'd rather never do again: handstand push-ups

Liz Grosspietsch

Owner, Trainer, Health Coach

Secret superpower: Planner extraordinaire

Something no-one knows about you: I wanted to become a animal trainer at SeaWorld and started college on a marine biology path and graduated UW-Madison with a degree in sociology instead.

Favorite place to travel: Anywhere! I love to explore and experience different places. I love family time at Disney World too.

Favorite exercise: Kettlebell swings

Most exciting thing you've ever done: Becoming a mom. Outside of that I would say ziplining in St. Thomas- I’m terrified of heights and it felt great to overcome a fear.

Workout or exercise you'd rather never do again: Jumping jacks

Erin Tallard

Owner, Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Secret Superpower:
1. Making friends with Cats that "don't like people"
2. Making people smile and laugh

Favorite place to travel: Australia is on my Bucket List but Door County and Devil's Lake are some of my favorite places to go.

Favorite exercise: Pull Ups are easily my favorite exercise to do myself also a huge fan of battle ropes, I love the energy and high intensity!

Favorite TC memory: Mania Convention in Chicago with Dustin, Tessa, Liz, Michelle and Shelley.

Workout or exercise you'd rather never do again: Swimmers/Superman

● ACE Certified Personal Trainer
● CPR/AED Certified
● Fitness & Health Club Specialist Certificate: MATC

Michelle Minkus


Something no ones knows about me: I once ate piranha in Manaus after swimming in the Amazon earlier that day. When in Rome...

Favorite place to travel: Northern California wine country (partial to sonoma)

Favorite exercise: deadlifts

Favorite tc memory: doing one armed push ups

Most exciting thing I have ever done: Hiking Kilauea on our honeymoon and getting up close and personal with the lava.

Workout or exercise I never want to do again: chariots.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Suspension Certified Trainer
CPR/AED Certified

Joe Collins


Secret superpower: I am an amazing tree climber. Sometimes still I will do it for exercise, it's really fun, challenging and dangerous. When I was a kid the neighbors used to yell at me because my head would stick out of the top of the trees.

Something no-one knows about you: I don't know song lyrics so instead I make up my own words and sometimes they become hits within the family.

Favorite place to travel: Massachusetts to visit my family.

Favorite exercise: Burpee box jumps

Favorite TC memory: The party Gus and Courtney threw for Dennis and the bootcamp before his surgery. It was great to see the support. We truly have the best community.

Most exciting thing you've ever done: Cliff diving is so thrilling. I love it because it's dangerous and I am in complete control. It's terrifying but exhilarating at the same time.

Workout or exercise you'd rather never do again: I really dislike long slow cardio workouts indoors. When I was training for triathlons I'd have to bike on the trainer or run on the treadmill and it got really boring I need to do intervals or be outside to stay interested.

● UMass-Amherst B.S. in Kinesiology
● UW-Milwaukee M.S. in Biomechanics
● UW-Madison – Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy
● NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
● CPR/AED certified

Ryan DeRose


Secret Superpower: Can clean a kitchen faster than Jimmy Johns delivers.

Favorite place to travel: The Farm (my in-laws quiet place in the country)

Favorite exercise: Gotta be the pull-up.

Most exciting thing you've ever done: Have a baby...and then do it again!

Kate Maloney


Coming Soon

Michael Ferguson


Coming Soon

Amanda Kienbaum


Coming Soon

Jodi Pelski

Marketing Specialist

Coming Soon

Irene Scallon

Client Support Specialist

Coming Soon

Our Facility

When you walk into the TC, the first thing you realize is that we’re NOT like other gyms! You won’t feel overwhelmed by a warehouse of equipment or intimidated by other gym-goers.
Instead, you’ll be greeted by our friendly front desk staff and by other members arriving for class. We’ve got cubbies and hooks to store your things while you work out, and a lovely lounge area where you can socialize, enjoy a post-workout smoothie, or help yourself to complimentary coffee and tea. We even have a small fridge with local farm eggs available for purchase.
The community atmosphere at the TC is one-of-a-kind! Don’t be surprised if you can actually feel the buzz of positive energy when you’re here.
Since our specialty is small group classes, we have four studios each stocked with a variety of equipment, like hand weights, barbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension systems, BOSU trainers, cardio machines, resistance bands, and more. And don’t worry if you’re not familiar– our trainers are right there during class to guide you and make sure you feel safe and confident in your movement and use of equipment.

Discover What Makes Us a Little Bit Different And a Lot More Special Than Anything Else Out There!

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