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Gain Strength, Balance & Flexibility

Fit Over Fifty is designed for anyone over 50 who wants to improve their overall strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular ability. During our 45-minute classes, you’ll experience personalized training within a small group framework. Our friendly, certified trainers focus on safe technique and form above all else, and class size is limited so they can be right there to guide you and provide any exercise modifications if needed.

We promise to meet you where you are, whether you’re in great shape or have never done a formal exercise program in your life. Our trainers have experience working with all fitness levels, as well as those who have had injuries, surgeries, illnesses, and chronic pain.

When asked what our members love most about the “TC”, they always mention the amazing trainers, fun and effective workouts, and how much they enjoy the social aspect and being part of a supportive community. Community is everything to us and is what sets us apart from most other typical gyms and fitness centers.

With Fit Over Fifty, enjoy workouts tailored to you to help you continue to live the life you want without limits!

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Afraid of going it alone?

Enjoy the community of others just like you as you gain energy, build strength and endurance, and improve flexibility.

See how some of our clients have transformed their lives

From the moment you walk in our door you feel the warm, welcoming, open and fun community, where you can always feel safe and supported in going after their health and fitness goals.

Learn more about Fit Over 50 by talking with one of the owners!