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Regain Strength, Balance & Flexibility

In our premier program, designed exclusively for those over 50 who want to improve their overall strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular ability. Clients experience personalized training within a small group framework. In this program you feel community, accountability, and sharing the journey together while our trainers focus on technique/form above all else.

Enjoy workouts tailored for your age and abilities to help you continue to live the life you want without limits!

Join us in person or with your own equipment and dedicated workout space from home — whatever works best for you!

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Afraid of going it alone?

Enjoy the community of others just like you as you gain energy, build strength and endurance, and improve flexibility.

See how some of our clients have transformed their lives

From the moment you walk in our door you feel the warm, welcoming, open and fun community, where you can always feel safe and supported in going after their health and fitness goals.

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Join us and you will be able to do anything you want to do in your golden years!

Click to connect with one of our team members to discover your health, fitness and wellness goals, try us out for free, and see if Fit Over 50 is a good fit for you!


Let's TalkLet's Talk