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How could 12 weeks of trainer-led workouts, nutrition guidance, accountability, and all around support change your life?

NEXT SESSION STARTS July 8th – there’s still time to join!

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1 Session (12 Weeks) - $70/week2 Sessions (24 Weeks) - $60/week

Our community continues to rave about their results, strength, energy, know-how and confidence they’ve attained at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Choose the class times that work for you:

Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30-6:30AM

Tues/Thurs/Fri 5:30-6:30AM

Tues/Thurs/Fri 9:30-10:30AM

Mon/Wed 6:00-7:00PM and Sat 8:30AM

Need more info or just need to talk it through? Let’s chat – we’d love to hear your story and answer any questions!

Killer Kurves group flexing

Meet Some Members of Our K2 Community




Liz – Transformation Center Owner, K2 Creator, and Lead Trainer

Read Liz’s story here

Your K2 Trainers:

Michael, Amanda, Liz, Brent

Brent – Transformation Center Owner and Trainer

Read Brent’s story here

What 12 Weeks of K2 Can Do For You

Build muscle and lose fat. Feel stronger– mind, body, and spirit. Become a healthier, happier YOU.

Anchored in fitness, wellness and community, the K2 program and its trainers guide you to your weight loss goals with sustainable strategies and essential support. Together, we strengthen bodies, improve mindsets and change habits to better serve who YOU want to be. We create paths for you to LIVE your best life, be PROUD of the person you see in the mirror and have FUN along the way!

Next K2 session starts July 8th – RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!

Killer Kurves (K2)

K2 is 12 weeks bursting with energy, tools, ideas and connections to keep building a stronger and healthier you. During your 12-week journey, you will:
    • Join three small group workout sessions per week, for K2 members only
    • Feel inspired and supported through two group discussions per week (following the workouts)
    • Learn and make a plan for achieving your goals using the 150+ page K2 guide loaded with information, journaling exercises, meal plans, recipes, tools and insights.
    • Thrive with personal coaching from your K2 trainer and accountability from your group.
    • Connect with our online K2 community and private Facebook group.
    • Bump up your exercise as desired with additional online and in-person workout options.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have to see if K2 is the right program for you–

Give us a call anytime at 608-841-1002 or drop an email to trainer Liz.

We look forward to talking with you!

Talk to a K2 Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried other programs. How is K2 different?

Because we understand the journey you’re on, we designed our program to be different. Most weight loss programs focus on making changes to nutrition and exercise habits, but there are so many other important factors! K2 teaches all about nutrition and exercise, but also guides you through addressing the mental, emotional, and environmental aspects of the process. We know that those have just as much of an impact on your success and your ability to sustain your results for the long term. Our K2 Participant Guide, amazing coaches, supportive community, and built-in accountability all come together to help in ways that other programs can’t.

Am I required to follow a specific eating plan? What is your approach to nutrition?

We provide a meal plan and recipes, but if you have a nutrition strategy that you like and that is working for you, that’s fine. Our goal is to teach you how to put healthy meals together and make healthy choices so you don’t need to follow a strict plan long term. We take a very whole-foods based approach to nutrition and will not force you to cut out all of your favorite foods. Rather, we teach you to enjoy things in moderation, to pair foods together in ways that will cut cravings and keep you feeling full, and–most importantly–to discover and address the deeper issues that may be causing emotional eating, stress eating, and other forms of self-sabotage.

What do you do in the workouts?

Our trainers design and lead you through fun, efficient workouts that help you get stronger and feel better. We focus primarily on whole body strength and resistance training, with some interval style cardio– and every workout is different, so you don’t get bored! Everything is low/no impact and we modify/progress things as needed to meet your current strength and fitness level. Trainers are right there to help just like personal training, but in a small group setting.

What if I’m very out of shape?

We understand that many people new to K2 may not have exercised in a long time. We’ve got you covered. We start slowly and progress things as your strength and endurance increase. And we always offer options so that we can continue to challenge you. We meet you where you are, no matter where that is, and our trainers and members welcome you with no judgment, just encouragement.

How long is the program, and what happens when it ends?

Each session lasts for 12 weeks. However, we have many clients who choose to stay on for multiple 12-week sessions. That choice is always yours–we give current clients first dibs on spots in the next session of Killer Kurves.