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Lose Weight while Gaining Energy, Strength, Confidence,

Accountability and Community


Killer Kurves is a high energy, supportive community that will meet you where you are TODAY. Our program equips you with the tools and skills necessary to become healthier and happier in a sustainable way. Each week, we work on strengthening our bodies, improving our mindset, and changing habits to better serve who YOU want to be. We want you to LIVE your best life, be PROUD of the person you see in the mirror, and take back the reins.



Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30-6:30 AM (In-person and Zoom)

Mon/Wed 6:00-7:00 PM and Sat 8:30 AM (In-person and Zoom)

Tues/Thurs/Fri 5:30-6:30 AM (In-person and Zoom)

Tues/Thurs 9:30 AM and Sat 8:30 AM (In-person and Zoom)

Tues/Thurs 6:00 AM and Sat 8:30 AM (In-person ONLY)

We get it because we’ve been there.

We know how hard it is to start, when you feel like it may only be a matter of time before you fail again. We know how intimidating it can feel to walk into a gym, especially when you are seriously out of shape and maybe haven’t done anything like this before. But we also know how painful it is to not be able to do the things that you want to do, to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, unhappy with your body, and perhaps facing serious health threats such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Discover how Killer Kurves is UNIQUE, and see how it CONTINUES to make a difference for our clients and trainers.

Come As You Are…

…Into our safe, encouraging environment, and experience the support of our close-knit community and the compassion of our trainers who have all lost between 40-160 lbs.

You won’t find judgment here. You will only find others who are on the same journey as you. Everyone in Killer Kurves has a weight loss goal of 40 lbs or more, and even our trainers have been where you are.

You also won’t find shame, crazy-restrictive diets, obsessive calorie counting, “Biggest Loser” style workouts, or anything else like that here. Those things never work long term.

Because we understand the journey that you are on, we designed our program to be different… to help you make changes in your fitness and health that will last, for life.

Ready to get started? Contact a Coach to discover your health, fitness and wellness goals, and see if Killer Kurves is a good fit for you!

Your story is just beginning…


What to Expect


Fun, effective workouts that increase your strength and energy are just the beginning of this program. Our small group discussions and thoughtful 12 week curriculum will help you improve your mindset, transform your nutrition, and discover the deeper issues that have been holding you back in the past.


  • 3 Killer Kurves group workout sessions a week, with your group. These sessions are run in-person and simultaneously streamed LIVE via Zoom. In-person class sizes are limited and require advance sign-up.
  • The 1st 2 sessions each week are 60 minutes long: 40 minute workout, followed by 20 minute small group discussion (in person and live, via Zoom). The 3rd session is 45 minute workout only
  • Equipment needed at home: a set of dumbbells and a stability ball, if you have one–we can provide modifications if you don’t.
  • Access to our large and growing private, online members-only area, which includes pre-recorded workout videos, meditation and yoga videos, weekly workout challenges, and other resources.
  • Access to all of our in-person and online Sweat Fit classes, if you want additional live workouts each week.


  • Strong community support and encouragement
  • Opportunity to discuss and overcome emotional eating
  • Access to your trainer via email and text, for support and accountability


  • 12-week curriculum and discussion to help you transform your mindset, daily habits and nutrition
  • 12-week,150+ page Participant Guide, with reading and journaling exercises; this will be mailed to you if not attending in-person
  • Guided meal plan with tasty recipes
  • Goal setting, support to help you develop your personal action plan

Remote and In-Person Offerings

Discover how we are providing more support than ever to our community as we emerge from the pandemic. Our workouts and K2 discussions are simultaneously available in-person and live via Zoom. You decide whether or not you would like to attend in person–you have access to the same class whether in-person or online. Plus, ALL K2 members get access to our extensive library of pre-recorded, On Demand workout videos, yoga videos, meditations, and other resources. Finally, we are offering more personal accountability and coaching than ever before, via 1:1 text and/or calls with one of our K2 trainers.


Meet Your Killer Kurves Trainers

M-F 5:30am Trainer

Liz Grosspietsch

Liz Grosspietsch

Head Trainer

● ACE Certified Personal Trainer
● ACE Certified Health Coach
● TRX Suspension Certified Trainer
● CPR/AED Certified
Liz graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Sociology. After working retail management for a few years she found the Transformation Center. She now lives her passion of showing others what living a healthy life is all about. Liz hopes that others can find more happiness in their lives by taking care of themselves so they can better take care of those around them. When she is not at the gym Liz is busy chasing after her teenage boys and enjoying time with friends and family. Liz also can be found running, cooking, and reading. She loves helping people to find balance in their lives by incorporating exercise, healthy eating, and overall wellness.
T/TR 9:30am Trainer

Brent Berger

Brent Berger


Brent got a new lease on life and discovered a passion for health and fitness when he lost more than 40 pounds. He's excited to share the lessons he learned on his journey, while himself learning from each Killer Kurves client who walks through our doors.
M/W 6:00pm Trainer

Amanda Kienbaum

Amanda Kienbaum


T/TR 6:00pm/Sat 8:30am Trainer

Michael Ferguson

Michael Ferguson



What’s My Investment?

A high quality personal trainer can set you back $1000-1500 per month.

A nutrition coach can cost you another $400 per month, if you meet weekly.

Want help changing your habits from a health coach? Count on another few hundred per month.

Now, getting your life back and never worrying about your weight again is priceless.

But what if we told you that you can achieve those goals at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and health coach? And not only would you get coaching in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, you would also have the support and accountability of the most welcoming community you could hope to find.

Your investment in Killer Kurves is just $60/week for 12 weeks or $50/week for 24 weeks.

For less than the cost of eating your lunch out each day, you can take control of your life, and get off the diet roller coaster, for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am so out of shape, is this for me?

Yes! This program is exactly for you! We understand that many clients coming to Killer Kurves for the first time may not have exercised in a long time. We’ve got you covered. We start slowly at the beginning of the session and progress things as your strength and endurance increases. And we always offer options so that we can continue to challenge you, even if this is your second or third session with us.

Am I required to follow a specific eating plan? What is your approach to nutrition?

In short, no. We provide a meal plan and recipes, but if you have a nutrition strategy that you like and that is working for you, that’s fine. Our goal is to teach you how to put healthy meals together and how to make healthy choices so that you don’t need to follow some sort of plan long term. With regard to our approach to nutrition, we encourage a low-CRAP diet. 😉  We take a very whole-foods based approach to nutrition and will not force you to cut out all of your favorite foods. Rather, we teach you to enjoy things in moderation, to pair foods together in ways that will cut cravings and keep you feeling full, and–most importantly–to discover and address the deeper issues that may be causing emotional eating, stress eating, and other forms of self-sabotage. With regard to supplements, there is no “magic pill” out there, and we won’t try to sell you one.

What do you do in the workouts?

We design fun, efficient workouts that will help you get stronger, feel better, move better, and have more energy. Every workout is different, so you don’t get bored. We focus primarily on whole body strength and resistance training, with some interval style cardio. Everything is low/no impact and we modify/progress things as needed to meet you where you are, in your current strength and fitness level.

How long will I be in the program and what happens when it ends?

Each session lasts for 12 weeks. However, we have many clients who choose to stay on for multiple 12-week sessions. That choice is always yours–we give current clients first dibs on spots in the next session of Killer Kurves.